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CGI stands for "Common Gateway Inferface" a fancy name meaning computer programs running on the webserver that can be invoked from a www page at the browser. The "bin" part alludes to the binary executables that result from compiled or assembled programs. It is a bit misleading because cgi's can also be Unix shell scripts or interpreted languages like Perl. CGI scripts need to be saved in ASCII format and uploaded to your server's cgi-bin in ASCII or text format. This is very important.

We don't provide free support for CGI scripts which we did not install on your server. So if you are not already familiar with CGI scripting, you may want to read a book on the subject or find places on the Internet with CGI scripting information. There are many good resources for CGI scripts found on the web. The scripts at Matt's Script Archive found at are very good. Many of our scripts come from here. Another excellent resource is The CGI Resource Index found at -- if you are not an expert, look for scripts that are very well documented and come with step-by-step instructions, or contact us for help or installation.

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